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                           GPS Tracking at its best



Live Tracking

Ability to track positions every 5 or 10 seconds. Watch Speed, Direction, movement from street to street, past locations, start-stop data, etc.


Simple Setup

We normally provide the device with SIM card installed in it and preconfigured to work. All you need to do is turn on the power button on top and you should start tracking.


Completely Browser Based

You do not have to install any custom software, to view your devices. The application uses the Standard Microsoft Silver Light software which is used to provide a rich user experience. You will be prompted to download the right version of MS Silver Light when you select the web link.


Live Feed

The device location information, device charge status, Signal status, etc are reported live to the end user on screen, enabling instantaneous decision making.


Seamless Monitoring

The monitoring becomes effortless in your control center when responsible teams can be formed and notified of interesting situations on choice groups of devices for assets. Groups of assets can be formed to facilitate monitoring and events of interest for groups can be setup easily by your administrative staff. Ping and Siren sounds are activated to alert severe situations to team members if they are away from terminals. Dash boards provide on the fly quick view status information of selected assets, such as low battery, latest position, latest command, etc.


Intelligent Vehicle

When you install our tracking device in your vehicle, the vehicle automatically becomes an intelligent unit communicating with you live and reporting situations of interest to you while they happen. Over-speeding, tracing of path, going off-course a previously designated path, deviation from arrival-departure schedule, etc can all be either alerted to you or reports compiled and sent to you on demand.

Locate Goods

Provides a unified system to locate goods across Land, Air and Sea. The devices can be intelligently and effective hidden inside containers unnoticeable to everybody else.


Safeguard People

We provide a special Fast Track panel to safeguard the Elderly, Children, Hikers, Pets. It is a fast and reliable way to pin point locations with street addresses in both Google and Bing Maps in different views such as Street, Satellite, Aerial, 3D. It is ideal for servicing individual customers with requirement of simple, quick and effective tracking. You can also setup safety zones and expect to get instant alerts when the zones are crossed. You can receive notifications to your favorite smart phones.

Map Features

  • Real time, instant updates in map view
  • Satellite view, Street view
  • Track on both Google and Bing maps
  • Setup Safety zones(Geo-Fences) in the shape of
(a) circular
(b) polygon
(c) corridor

Tracking Features

  • Web access
  • Identify different vehicles/assets by different colors
  • Tracks every (5 secs and up)
  • Track 24x7
  • You control your devices
  • Tracking data for up to 3 months
  • Up to the second reporting of latest location, speed, course
  • Real time Status monitoring of Battery Level, Charger, Signal

Alerts Features

  • Alert notification on screen, Email, SMS
  • Report Safety zone violations in real time
  • Alerts for speeding
  • Power On/Off alerts

Analysis Features

  • Analyze information in Map View and in Report View
  • Historical Tracking view
  • Summary of daily information
  • View important status changes on your smart phones

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