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SIM Card: GS1001 Tracker ships with a SIM Card inside it.


Device Activation:  Always Puchase Device with Activation. 

 The activation fee covers the setup and configuration of the device and once set up, it should be ready to work with our tracking platform. The device should be ready to be turned on to report positions once you receive it. 

Hardwire Device:  Can be hardwired to the electrical circuitry of  any vehicle or accessory.  


Starting the Device:

We recommend the device to be charged prior to its use and expose to a window or take it outdoors to catch GPS signal. To turn on the device press the button on top of the device for about 4 seconds. You should see lights flashing on the front of the device.


Charging Device:

A wall charger and a carry on pouch are shipped inside the device package for your convenience.


TERMS and CONDITIONS: Please note, by purchasing our devices you are agreeing to the Terms of Our Policy specified in the Policy menu section of this web site.


Service Plans:

Once the device is purchased, you can either subscribe to the Annual Service plan. Please refer to Annual Plan option under the Buy Now menu or click the links above.


Tracking Every Few Seconds:

The device and our service are capable of very refined tracking. For very refined tracking at frequencies into seconds, please contact our Sales department.

GS1001 Device Cost + Activation Fee: $199.00 + $40.00 = $239.00





Purchase Device W/ Activation

Price $239.00

Puchase the GS1001, the most effective and portable GPS tracker, for only $199.00



GS1001 Tracker with Activation Fee


12 Month Tracking Plan

$29.95 per month
$359.40 per year



Provides SIM card needed for tracking.



12-Month Service Plan



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