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                           GPS Tracking at its best


Check vital information on the device such as whether the battery is on low or whether the battery is charging.
You can track multiple devices in a region. The pointer shows the address, speed, direction and time. Notice alerts by a characteristic "A" on the pointer.

Track the history. Each location is represented by a bubble. Mousing over on a bubble shows the address, speed, direction and time.

Check a device's history in a detailed report of locations, speeds, times, and directions.
Send commands to a device that will send you back information on your command.
Get instant updates on device actions, such as if it has crossed a fence line, or if it has been turned off.
Check a device's status.The status includes:
    • the last command that was sent to the device
    • any GeoFence breaks (entrances or exits)
    • the last device communication time
    • the last reported location

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