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Q. Can I track my Device device on any computer?

A. Yes you can, any computer with access to internet can track your device. You can track the device on most popular browsers.

Q. How does GS1001 device work?

A. GS1001 ships with SIM Card. The activation fee covers the setup and configuration of the device and once set up, it should be ready to work with our tracking platform. The device should be ready to be turned on once you receive it. We recommend the device to be charged prior to its use and driven around till it catches GPS signal.


It should have been already activated to work with our tracking platform. You simply press the top button a few seconds to turn it on and it will start tracking. We recommend that you expose the device initially to outside where you can catch GPS signal easily. A good way is to drive around with the device turned on till it catches signal. When it is powered on, you will see GPS indicator on. It is recommended that you charge the device before using it, using the charger supplied to you in the box.


Q. How do I activate my device?

A.  The device should have been activated when shipped to you.

Q. What does the Service Plan come with?

A.  When you purchase a 12 month service plan at 5-minute tracking, you can track the device every 5 minutes or longer. You will not be able to track the device more often. If you like to track more often, you need a higher frequency service plan. 


Q. How do I control how often the device should report a location?

You can change the interval via the panel using the "GPS Report Time button in the Commands section.


Q. How do I control how often to get status report of the device?

A. In the commands section, you will find "Status Report Time" command. This command will inform the device how often report the battery level, and other information about the device itself.

Q. What should I do when I run out of my service period?

A. You will be able to extend your service for longer period. You do not need to pay for activation again.


Q. How are SMS credits used?

A. One SMS credit is used up for each command sent to the device. One SMS credit is used for each SMS message sent to your phone whether it is panic button alert or safety zone violation alert or some other message. If you run out of SMS credits, please call the sales department to find out how you can purchase more credits.

Q. Does the device have a panic function?

A. The panic button is on the side of the device. If the panic button is held down for four seconds the following will happen. The Device will inform the panel and the customers mobile phone that the panic has been activated. The customer will receive full address details on there mobile phone when address details are available in the signal area. The panel will also give an audible alert, plus a visual warning signal. You do need to set your email address and SMS numbers on the panel.

Q. Can I set safety zones and receive alerts to my mobile phone?

 A. You can set safe zones in the operator panel. Any safety zone breaks will be sent to you by email or SMS depending upon how you set yourself to be notified in the control panel.

Q. Do Emails and SMS reports cost me?

A. The emails are provided completely free of cost to you. Each SMS report to your phone will cost you one SMS credit. The remaining SMS credits can be seen on the control panel.


Q. Where can I find how many Location and SMS credits are left?

A. You will find them in the status panel at the bottom of the screen.


Q. Does the device have a warranty and if I have a problem what is the procedure?

A. The device has 90 day warranty. If you do have a problem then you must contact customer services. If we can not fix the problem, we will provide you return authorization number and you to send the device to us. We will either fix the device or dispatch a new unit to you.

Q. How do I know when to charge the battery and can I view the battery level on the tracking panel?

A. You can view the battery strength on the panel, it is updated once every 1 hour. The device also indicates a low battery via a red light under the battery indicator.

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. The endurance of the battery depends on what interval you set your device to send its data. Average battery life will last around 4-7 days. If the device is switched on but in standby mode then you can expect around 160 hours.


Q: What is your policy regarding Warranty replacement?

A: If the device malfunctions in the warranty period since purchase, we will replace it and cross-ship you a new unit. HOWEVER, if the device was deliberately or accidentally damaged due to water, shock, excessive dust, or other non-warranty-related reasons, the customer must purchase the new device. We advise you to take action against employees/persons who deliberately damage your electronic tracking devices (often referred to as "tampering.").

Q: Can anyone just call in and ask for information on my account?

A: We observe strict confidentiality. We will never provide account information to anyone without ensuring they are the person authorized to receive that information. Even then, passwords are only given out by email, to the email address which is registered to the account.

Q. Is the Device waterproof?

A. Yes the Device is water resistant to standard IPX6.


Q. When the Device moves, can I view it in real time on the panel even at 5 seconds?

A. Yes you can.

Q. Can I view more than one Device on my panel.

A. Yes you can view all your devices on your panel. You can select the device and track it live.

Q. Will my Device work on weekends and holidays?

A. The Device will work 24/7 throughout the year, any time there is GPS signal.

Q. Will the Device work indoors?

A. Sometimes even when you are indoors, you may still be able to get a position, but it is not always guaranteed. The Device equipped with a very sensitive GPS receiver and it is GPS assisted. In general you will find the Device performs well and will work in buildings and remote areas.

Q. Can I track the device on a mobile phone?

A. This is an extra service we provide. Then any mobile phone will allow you to receive the full address details via SMS. The SMS that you receive will also indicate the time of the GPS position, safety zone breaks.

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