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About Us

ExpressTrak has a mission to provide the most reliable wireless tracking applications around the globe. We provide GPS/RFID/LBS tracking which covers the entire planet including land, air and sea. Our systems have the capability to track an item large or small continuously on Land, Ocean and Air. Our devices are dependable and thoroughly tested.

ExpressTrak provides web based real-time monitoring solution for a multitude of assets such as vehicles, equipment, property and people. We utilize GPS tracking with add on RFID capability to provide management for mobile property and persons. Whatever your needs are, whether consumer or commercial, personal or business related we have an effective platform to service you at the level you require.

We provide services to various sectors including Security, Transportation and Shipping, Construction, Law Enforcement, Automotive, Asset Management, Remote Monitoring, Mobile Computing, etc.

We provide the smallest and most effective devices available to provide portable usage, flexible transfer of the devices from one asset to another asset and from one person to another person. We protect small equipment such as bicycles, computers, projectors, electrical equipment from being stolen. If by chance some thing is missing or stolen, we provide you the capability to instantly track and locate and recover. The devices are so small, they can be hidden inside shipping boxes, wooden crates, small pouches. Our devices are meant to be adaptable to most any situation which requires tracking and protection.

With our systems, you the purchaser and end user is in complete control of the knowing the whereabouts, identifying and finding all the information about the person or asset. The information is provided to you live at your finger tips; it can also be provided to you on demand. You can also choose the option of having exceptional information sent to your smart phones, emails or text messages in real time. This feature enables you to attend to your other important activities without having to continuously monitor the computer screen. The comprehensive set of features could provide you considerable savings in manpower.

Our application does continuous monitoring on your behalf 24x7 so that you can spend your valuable time on other matters. We deliberately structured our service to provide only what you like to see at any point in time. We do not inundate you with information which you will have to sift through. With our almost instantaneous updates which you can receive any where any time, of only the relevant information, you are always kept aware of what is transpiring so that you can make intelligent decisions on the fly.

It is our roadmap to provide the best of breed tracking to provide full range of protection services around the globe. We operate a unified system which covers all your requirements on 2G/3G and 4G networks. We realize quality and reliability are the major key factors to contribute towards the success of our customers using wireless M2M technology.

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